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  • NASA Seminar on Astrobiology 25th April 2016

    April 25 2016

    The next rover to explore Mars has been proposed to launch in 2020. The primary goal of the mission is to better understand the geologic and climate history of Mars including the identification of potential signs of past life on...

  • The First European Astrobiology Roadmap

    March 23 2016

    The first European Astrobiology Roadmapp produced through AstRoMap is published in Astrobiology and available open access -

  • Second Europlanet Call for TransNationalAccess

    March 22 2016

    The Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure is a major programme funded under Horizon 2020 to support the research activities of the European planetary science community and particularly to foster collaboration. A central part...

  • MASE outlined in EC Horizon magazine

    March 22 2016

    The EC Horizon Magazine publishes an article dealing with life on Mars and outlines the MASE project. Read the article>>

  • AMADEE-15 Mars analog mission Report Published

    September 11 2015

    In August 2015, the Austrian Space Forum (OEWF) and international partners conducted a two-week Mars simulation mission on a rock glacier in the Kaunertal, Austria (altitude 2887m). Directed by a Mission Support Center in...

  • Tough time for the bugs

    June 25 2015

    Yersinia strain collected from the Icelandic lake Granavatn is having some tough time at DLR Köln (Germany).  It is currently being tested for desiccation, radiation, pH and oxidising compounds tolerance....

  • MASE at AbSciCon 2015

    May 06 2015

    Six MASE-related presentations will be given at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2015 (Chicago, USA): Session: Habitability of Extraterrestrial Analog Environments III Stress Response of Anaerobic Microbes from Mars Analogue...

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