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  • Third MASE sampling trip in Bavaria

    December 16 2014

    The third sampling trip in Bavaria Germany, held on held on 02 December 2014, was successful. The team took several samples from two cold sulfidic springs near Regensburg. The Sippenauer Moor is a marsh area in a protected...

  • Auf der Suche nach Leben auf dem Mars

    December 10 2014

    Am Islinger Mühlbach nehmen Wissenschaftler Proben von Mikroorganismen, die unter unwirtlichen Bedingungen überleben können. Full article

  • Is there life on Mars ?

    November 12 2014

    An international research group will search for possible Mars analogue biotopes- in the region of Regensburg, Bavaria (02 December 2014). Assessing life on Mars- if it ever was there- needs a basic knowledge of how life is...

  • MASE Grænavatn sampling field trip in Iceland

    October 10 2014

    The second sampling trip of MASE project took place on the 11th September 2014. This field trip was at Graenavatn Lake in Iceland. The lake is situated near a group of maar type explosion craters, probably over 6000 years old....

  • MASE in the school alumni magazine of the University of Edinburgh

    October 09 2014

    LIFE AT THE LIMIT: Can studying extreme environments on Earth help us to find life on Mars? (.pdf) Dr Petra Schwendner, who plays a major role in the scientific co-ordination of MASE, explains the work of the MASE project,...

  • MASE in the Daily Mail

    April 10 2014

    Did Life in Yorkshire come from Mars ? Scientists scour UK's deepest mine for bugs that could survive the red planet. See the full article

  • First MASE Press Conference

    March 19 2014

    The first MASE Press conference will be held in Boubly in conjunction with the MINAR 2 Campaign.  The event will take place on Friday April the 4th in the morning and will be broadcasted and twitted. Journalists from Europe...

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