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Tough time for the bugs

June 25 2015

Yersinia strain collected from the Icelandic lake Granavatn is having some tough time at DLR Köln (Germany). 


It is currently being tested for desiccation, radiation, pH and oxidising compounds tolerance. Future plans include starvation conditions, high salt concentrations, vacuum, high and low temperature as well as simulated combined Martian conditions.

Other strains collected by MASE will be tested following the same protocol.

See AbSciCon2015 Abstract

Working at the anaerobic workbench at DLR: MASE anaerobic isolates are handled under anaerobic conditions.


The Trex-box: a special transport and exposure box for vacuum exposure and irradiation of anaerobic MASE isolates, equipped with a hand valve.


The vacuum facility PSI2 at the Planetary and Space Simulation Facilities at DLR Cologne. This vacuum chamber provides optical radiation exposure, temperature control, vacuum values up to 5 x 10-5 Pa or defined gas atmospheres (e.g. Mars) at required pressures.

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