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MASE at AbSciCon 2015

May 06 2015

Six MASE-related presentations will be given at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2015 (Chicago, USA):

Session: Habitability of Extraterrestrial Analog Environments III

  • Stress Response of Anaerobic Microbes from Mars Analogue Environments:  First Stress Test Results from the MASE Project (#7094 - Oral)
  • Anaerobic Microorganisms in Analogue Environments: MASE – An Overview (#7498 - Oral)

Session: Past and Extant Life Search Strategies for Habitable Environments on Mars: How Should We Proceed?

  • Distribution of Carbon in Mars-Analogue Volcanic Sediments (#7289 - Oral)

Poster Session I: Habitability of Extraterrestrial Analog Environments

  • Field Site Context Synthesis for the MASE Project (#7313 - Poster)

Poster Session I: Methods for Detection of Habitability, Biosignatures, and their Variations in Astrobiological Materials

  • The European MASE (Mars Analogues for Space Exploration) Project — Opportunities for Collaboration (#7284 - Poster)
  • Biomarkers and Life Detection Strategies in the First Steps from MASE Project (#7302 - Poster)

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