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Earth Analogue Workshop at the Research Executive Agency

October 13 2016

The high level goal of the Earth Analogue Workshop was to bring together a community that shares common interests, fostering the sharing of best practices and lessons learnt but also exploring the exploitation potential of the projects.

The EAC (ESA European Astronaut Centre) was also invited to this workshop to present their activities and their plans for the expansion of their site but also to explore potential synergies with the invited projects.

Eight projects were presented:

  • Habitat: SHEE (Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments) and REGOLIGHT

  • Human space flight: EDEN ISS and MOONWALK

  • In situ characterisation: PTAL (Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library), UPCD (Ultrasonic Planetary Core Drill) and MASE (Mars Analogues for Space Exploration)

  • Sample curation: EURO-CARES

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